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About Us

Ember Mats is a brand dedicated to producing the highest quality desk mats and mousepads. We have authentic and unique designs to help you achieve the setup of your dreams. From simple colors, to complex patterns, there is something you’ll like.

Our Story

Ember Mats was started as a fun passion project to show off my deskmat designs to the world, and have them available for the world to buy. In a metaphorical sense, if you are the author of a story, our mousepads are the general theme you based your story around. And on a desk, our mousepad designs would provide a general theme for your whole setup, but you would choose all your other accessories, which in a way, is kind of like writing a story.

About the Owner

Online, I go by the name e_block. I have a YouTube channel where I used to post content, however I don’t do so as frequently anymore. I play Valorant, Minecraft, among some other games. Ember Mats started as a way for me to improve at my Adobe skills, which I am slowly doing as I create better and better designs for you to buy.

Working for a better future

Green Hosting Badge

Our site is powered by 100% renewable energy, bringing us one step closer to being carbon-neutral. Our products use cardboard packaging, to ensure we reduce waste in as many areas as possible. We also operate on a print-on-demand operation, reducing warehouse electricity emissions, and completely removing wasted excess product. Also, in select areas, you’re able to select carbon neutral shipping, further reducing our impact on the environment.

By choosing Ember Mats for your next mousepad or deskmat, you’re reducing your impact on the environment, while also maintaining a clean look for your setup with quality products.

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